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  • Drying Equipment

    Drying Equipment

    As one of the earliest drying equipment manufacturers in China, Jiangyin Nanfang Drying Equipment Co.,Ltd is specialized in the manufacture of horizontal boiling dryer ,pressure spray granulation dryer, airflow spray dryer, vibro fluid bed dryer, double-cone rotary dryer, rotational flow dryer ,inertia particle carrier type dryer.Over the
  • Pulverizing Equipment

    Pulverizing Equipment

    WLF stainless steel turbine pulverizer is according to my company accumulated in the crushing materials in the actual conditions of our country and the risk to perfect design and into a new generation of mill, the machine is mainly suitable for low hardness material, chemical dyes, additives, feed, food, medicine, wood, chemical fiber and
  • Granulation Equipment

    Granulation Equipment

    Single and twin wet screw extruding granulatoris widely applied to such products requiring granulation as rubber ingredients, food additives, plastic additives, catalyst, pesticide, dyestuff, pigment, daily chemicals, pharmaceuticals industry, etc.