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The Working Principle Of Dryer
Feb 02, 2018

such as wood in the production of wood mold, wood before drying can prevent the deformation of products, ceramic billet before calcination drying can prevent the finished product cracking. In addition, dry materials are also easy to transport and storage, such as the harvest of grain drying to a certain moisture content below to prevent mildew. Because natural drying can not meet the needs of production development, various mechanized dryers are widely used.

The amount of water vapor in the compressed air is determined by the temperature of the compressed air: in the case of keeping the compressed air pressure basically unchanged, reducing the temperature of compressed air can reduce the water vapor content in the compressed air, and the excess water vapor will condense into a liquid. Freeze dryer is the use of this principle to use refrigeration technology to dry compressed air. Therefore, the cold dryer has a refrigeration system. Refrigerated dryer refrigeration system is compressed refrigeration, by refrigeration compressor, condenser, evaporator, expansion valve and other four basic components. They are connected in sequence to form a closed system in which refrigerant circulates continuously in the system, changing state and exchanging heat with compressed air and cooling medium. The compressed air dryer also has the adsorption type dryer and the dissolved type dryer.