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Mechanical Principle Of Spray Dryer
Feb 02, 2018

Spray dryer is to make liquid materials through the nozzle atomization into micro droplets of mist, in the drying tower with the hot medium contact, drying into the thermal process of powder. Feed can be solution, suspension or paste, atomization can be achieved through rotary atomizer, pressure atomizing nozzle and gas flow atomizing nozzle, operating conditions and drying equipment can be designed according to the drying characteristics of the product and the specifications of the powder size.

Spray dryer is the most rapid development in the field of drying, the application of a wide range of forms, suitable for solution, emulsion and can be pumped suspension liquid raw materials such as powder, granular or blocky solid products. The different quality requirements, such as the heat sensitivity, viscosity, fluidity of the materials, and the particle size, size distribution, residual moisture content, stacking density, particle shape, etc., determine the different types of atomization, airflow movement and drying chamber structure.