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Mechanical Operation Of Spray Dryer
Feb 02, 2018

1, before the boot, please confirm that water, gas, electricity has met the equipment requirements; Please reconfirm that all fasteners have been tightened and that the doors are securely fastened.

2, open cooling circulating water, open the total control power supply (located on the wall), and control the upper left corner switch, open the freezer.

3, ready to inject nitrogen into the system: check three valves, V-3 (off), V-2 (off), V-4 (open).

4, the nitrogen partial pressure closes, opens the general valve, then the partial pressure will adjust to 0.4MPa.

5, the system to import nitrogen: V-101 (Open), V-102 (Open), V-103 (open smaller), V-106 (open less, So that the flow of 0.5 or so, adjust V-102 and V-103 between the triple filter, so that its pressure in the 0.1mpa,v-104 (open less, pressure at around 0.1MPa).

6, to oxygen concentration below the specified concentration (3%), V-103 (off), V-2 (Open), V-4 (off), and then start the cycle fan 5-10 minutes, so that the oxygen concentration to maintain at 3% (the system does not leak).