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Major Aspects Of Improvement And Renovation Of Spray Drying Technology And Equipment
Feb 02, 2018

1, to solve the problem of sticky wall:

The sticky wall phenomenon is still a prominent problem which hinders the normal operation of the spray dryer. Generally speaking, increasing the diameter can reduce the adhesion wall, but it is obviously not economical to adopt a very large equipment diameter for this purpose. Foreign experts have studied the problem of sticking and caking in the drying process, and think that the main macroscopic factor causing the viscous wall is the wall temperature. and practical application, has a certain effect. In addition, the inner wall of the tower can be polished to reduce the adhesion wall.

2, improve product property:

The development of science and technology and the improvement of living standard put forward more and more requirements for the physical properties of spray drying products. For example, some of the requirements of the heap density is particularly large or small, some have a water-soluble powder such as food, traditional Chinese medicine and so often require instant sex. Generally, changes in atomization dispersion and appropriate changes in operating conditions to control the drying rate, can be made with different heap density of products, but the range is limited. In the improvement of physical property is worth mentioning is foam spray drying, the incoming liquid foam before the spray drying. The method was originally proposed to improve the thermal efficiency and was later used to adjust the physical property of the product. It has been proved that foam spray drying of powdered milk products such as large size, porous, many sunken, rough surface, with good solubility.