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Background Knowledge Of Spray Dryer
Feb 02, 2018

Spray dryer because it can be directly from the solution or suspension of the composition of homogeneous powder products of special advantages, at present in the chemical industry, light industry, food and other industries still have a wide range of applications, the chemical industry in the dye industry is most commonly used. In recent years, the vast number of engineering and technical personnel efforts, spray drying technology has been more mature, tower size determination also has a successful calculation method. The atomizer is still a pressure-type, centrifugal and gas flow type of three, but in recent years the application of centrifugal spray dryer is rising trend. For the real solution spray drying, it is worth noting that the different hydrophilic solute requirements of the drying medium temperature is different. such as inorganic salts strong hydrophilic substances, its aqueous solution evaporation dehydration mainly in the solution boiling point, out of the tower gas temperature below 130 degrees Celsius is difficult to operate. Although China and foreign countries still have a significant gap, but the spray dryer equipment manufacturing and operating levels have been greatly improved.

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