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Working principle and main advantages of the counter gear rolling granulator
Aug 23, 2018

The counter gear rolling granulator is a very special granulation device which uses a pair of non-transmission meshing gears as a backlog working part, the principle of which is volumetric continuous compression extrusion granulation. It is precisely because the gear rolling granulator relies on gear rolling and volume compression to extrude materials, so it has a wider adaptability to materials, especially for granulation of thixotropic materials.


The internal squeegee of the counter gear rolling granulator makes the length of the granules uniform, and the granules made by the granules are not only stronger but also uniform in length; the moisture content of the granulation material is lower than that of the screw extrusion granulation; the particle shape is a cylinder Shape, diameter can generally be selected between 2.0-8.0mm, granulation rate ≥ 95%.


From the current point of view, the counter gear rolling granulator is widely used in the granulation of catalysts, additives, additives, daily chemicals, pesticides, etc., which not only greatly improves the granulation efficiency, but also improves the granules to some extent. Quality is of great benefit compared to traditional granulation equipment.

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