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Working condition and operation requirements of screw extruding granulator
Jul 19, 2018

The screw extruding granulator is mainly used in the process of extrusion. The plastics used for extrusion production should be effective to meet the required drying requirements. If necessary, further drying is required. The screw extrusion granulator starts the operation equipment. The speed is from slow to fast, check whether the operation is normal when performing the operation, and effectively observe the working state of the instrument.

The screw extrusion granulator can effectively turn on the heater and heat the head body to a certain extent. After the temperature of each part reaches the set value, it should be kept for about 40 minutes to make the temperature inside and outside the machine. Consistent. Sometimes it is necessary to change the perforated plate, filter screen, and add sufficient lubricant. The perforated plate must be cleaned after use to be used twice.

The screw extrusion granulator is not allowed to be in front of the die before the plastic is extruded. In the operation, the drive is started at low speed and idling, and the screw is effectively checked for abnormality and motor current. Whether the instrument is overloaded or not, whether the pressure gauge is normal (the machine idle time can not be too long, the shorter the better, in order to prevent the friction between the screw and the friction caused by the screw and the barrel, scratch the barrel or screw, the screw running at low speed Should not exceed three minutes).

After the extrusion of the plastic in the screw extrusion granulator, the material to be extruded needs to be slowly led to the cooling and traction equipment, and the equipment is opened beforehand, and it is forbidden to drive or drive the cold car because it is extruded at that time. The machine is not yet "hot" (ie the plastic in the barrel of the extruder has not yet reached the specified temperature, the viscosity of the plastic is very high), then driving, especially the old extruder, it is possible to screw Twisted.

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