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Working characteristics and application fields of Rectilinear Vibrating-fluidizing Dryer
Aug 06, 2018

Linear vibrating fluidized dryer is widely used in the process of operation, drying, cooling and humidifying of granular materials in chemical industry, light industry, medicine, food, plastics, grain and oil, slag, salt, sugar and other industries. Under the action of the vibration, the Rectilinear Vibrating-fluidizing Dryer will effectively throw forward and continuously move along its horizontal direction. The hot air will pass through the fluidized bed and exchange heat with the wet material, and the humid air will be whirlwind. After the separator is dusted, it is discharged by the air outlet, and the dry material is discharged from the discharge port.


Working characteristics of Rectilinear Vibrating-fluidizing Dryer

1. Rectilinear Vibrating-fluidizing Dryer is mainly driven by its vibration motor during operation. The whole equipment has the advantages of stable operation, low noise, long service life and convenient maintenance.

2. The Rectilinear Vibrating-fluidizing Dryer has high thermal efficiency and can save more than 30% energy by a certain degree of drying. The temperature distribution of the bed is uniform, there is no local overheating, the fluidization is uniform, and there is no dead angle.

3. The thickness of the Rectilinear Vibrating-fluidizing Dryer and the moving speed and amplitude of the machine can be adjusted steplessly within the design range. The adjustability is good and the surface width is suitable.

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