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Vibro Fluidized Bed Dryer Structure and Innovation
Mar 09, 2018

Vibrating fluidized bed is a kind of equipment developed on the basis of ordinary gas-solid fluidized bed plus vibrational energy. It has the functions of inhibiting bubble growth and growth, strengthening gas-solid, solid-to-solid contact, improving fluidization quality, etc. Because of its superior characteristics, vibrating fluidized bed technology has been successfully applied to the drying, heating, cooling, and granulation processes of materials, and vibro fluidized bed dryer has also emerged.


The vibro fluidized bed dryer has two major structural forms. One is a horizontal rectangular and vertical circular type directly driven by a vibrating motor directly on a fluidized bed. At present, a horizontal rectangular section vibrating fluidized bed dryer is selected. More common. The other type is a split-type vibrating fluidized-bed dryer, in which a box-type exciter in which the vibration part is separated from the motor is fixed to a plate spring type at one end of the fluidized bed.


The structural vibro fluidized bed dryer can be used to dry some heterogeneous particle size and a certain degree of viscous material; in order to satisfy the drying of high water content materials, the vibrating fluidized bed dryer is also specially provided with a low bed operation. Blender.


It can be seen that the structural design of the vibrating fluidized bed dryer reflects a unique innovative thinking, including the overall shape, structure, equipment configuration, etc., to determine the overall shape and design, because the basic requirements of the design is able to Different types of vibrating fluidized bed dryers were designed.


In addition, there are some innovative ideas in the motion design of vibrating fluidized bed dryers, which are mainly designed for your individual needs as a basis. According to the various motion principles of vibrating fluidized bed dryers, product functions including conveyor and prime mover are redesigned. , Execution devices, etc., make the vibration fluidized bed dryer movement process more smoothly.

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