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Vibro fluid bed dryer exhibits unique drying characteristics
Aug 21, 2018

The drying characteristics of vibro fluid bed dryers are an important basis. Only by knowing the characteristics of each drying equipment can we better use them, improve the utilization rate and application capacity of drying equipment, and reduce the erroneous operation of vibrating fluidized bed drying during use. The rate is a function of vibration intensity, air velocity, bed height, air temperature, and particle size.


In general, the vibro fluid bed dryer has a lower drying rate than the non-vibration in the low vibration frequency range; it is larger in the high frequency range than in the absence of vibration; and regardless of the particle size, within the measured range There is a minimum drying rate, and the frequency corresponding to this minimum value decreases with increasing amplitude; and the minimum drying rate generally occurs at a vibration intensity of 1, or varies depending on the nature of the material.


In a vibrating fluidized bed dryer, the drying rate in the constant-speed drying stage is independent of the initial moisture content of the material, but the vibration can change the critical moisture content. The critical moisture content decreases as the vibration frequency increases, and the constant rate increases the drying rate.


In the vibrating fluidized bed dryer, the bed temperature is lower and more uniform under static conditions than the static conditions; the bed height and wind speed also have an effect on the drying rate, and the drying rate decreases as the wind speed increases. Under certain fluidization conditions, the wind speed also has an optimum value due to the characteristics of the material. The bed height also has an optimum vibrating bed height.

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