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Vacuum Drying Equipment is the technical guarantee for the dry quality of the product.
Jan 07, 2019

For the production of tablet products, the drying process is the last step from raw materials to dry paste semi-finished products. In other words, the drying equipment and technology used will be directly related to product quality. The Vacuum Drying Equipment has the advantages of low temperature drying, less damage of active ingredients, loose and easy to dissolve, drying and sterilization, thereby ensuring high effective ingredients, high sterility index and good oral absorption.


Compared with other drying processes, Vacuum Drying Equipment has many obvious advantages and can guarantee that the product quality is much better than other drying methods. First, low-temperature drying in a vacuum environment, the boiling point of water is reduced, low-temperature drying can be achieved, providing favorable conditions for the drying of heat-sensitive materials, which can better avoid the high-temperature destruction of the active ingredients of the product during the drying process.


The Vacuum Drying Equipment also has a sterilization effect while achieving the drying treatment, ensuring the aseptic compliance of the product, especially for some components with complex compositions. The drying box of the Vacuum Drying Equipment is perfectly designed, and the box body is processed by CNC machine tools, which is more smooth and beautiful.

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