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Vacuum dryer cooling system and oxygen content
Jun 28, 2018

Vacuum dryer to a certain extent, mainly to use its high-efficiency radiant heating, so that the material will be heated to a certain extent evenly, and can effectively achieve its rapid defrosting, vacuum dryer uses high-efficiency vacuum unit, and can achieve oil-water separation.

The vacuum dryer effectively uses its parallel centralized refrigeration system. When it operates, its multiple channels are on-demand cooling, and its operating conditions are stable to a certain degree and favorable for energy saving. Artificial intelligence is used to control, and the control accuracy is high and the operation is convenient. The quality requirements for freeze-dried products are: constant biological activity, uniform appearance, color, full shape, firm structure, fast dissolution rate, and low residual moisture.

When the vacuum dryer is dried at low pressure, the oxygen content is very low. It can effectively prevent the dried material from oxidizing and deteriorating when it is operated. In the operation, it can dry dangerous goods that are easily combustible and explosive, and can be used at low temperature. The moisture in the material vaporizes, it is easy to dry the heat-sensitive material, and valuable and useful components in the dried material can be recovered; the emission of toxic and harmful substances in the dried material can be prevented.

The vacuum dryer can effectively maximize the volume to a certain extent. During operation, the microcomputer temperature controller can accurately and reliably control the temperature to a certain extent. The toughened, bullet-proof double-glazed glass door can observe the objects in the work chamber at a glance and can Internally filled with inert gas.

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