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Vacuum disc continuous dryer features
Jan 17, 2019

The vacuum tray continuous dryer is easy to control, and in order to achieve a more ideal drying effect, the purpose can be achieved by adjusting the thickness of the layer, the spindle speed, the number of the arm, the type of the blade and the size. Each layer of drying tray can be separately passed into a cold and hot medium to cool or heat the material to accurately and easily control the temperature of the material. The machine achieves precise adjustment of the residence time of the material.


The operation and regulation of the vacuum disc type continuous dryer is relatively simple and low in energy consumption. After the feed is stopped, the transfer material can quickly empty the material in the dryer. The equipment can be carefully cleaned and observed through the special large-scale inspection door mirror. The device is dried with conductive heat, which has high thermal efficiency and low energy consumption.


Closed operation is safer and more efficient. Moreover, the vacuum tray continuous dryer can be used for drying flammable, explosive and toxic materials. The disc dryer operated under vacuum is particularly suitable for the drying of heat sensitive materials. The dryer is completely shipped from the factory and transported as a whole. It only needs to be hoisted in place, and the installation and positioning is very easy. Due to the dry-disc layout and vertical installation, even if the drying area is large, the floor space is small.

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