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Types of vibro fluidized bed dryers and their corresponding features and uses
Sep 05, 2018

Vibro fluidized bed dryers can be divided into many different types, and each product has its own characteristics. The single-layer fluidized bed dryer has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, large production capacity and wide application. It is generally used in the case where the bed particles are at a standstill height. According to the different mediums to be dried, the production intensity can reach 500~1000kg/h from the material in the distribution plate per square meter, and the air consumption is 3~12kg/h.


In order to make up for the shortcomings of the single-layer vibrating fluidized bed dryer, a multi-layer vibrating fluidized bed dryer and a horizontal multi-chamber vibrating fluidized bed dryer are available, which are suitable for drying various granule machines which are difficult to dry and 4~14 For the granular material, the initial moisture content is generally 10~30%, and the final moisture content of the material after drying is generally 0.02~0.3%.


The vibro fluidized bed dryers are also a type of vibrating fluidized bed dryer, which has a conical shape at the bottom and a cylindrical shape at the top. The gas enters from the bottom of the cone at high speed, entraining a portion of the solid particles moving up to form a central passage. At the top of the bed, the particles are like a fountain, and the bottom of the cone is sprayed by the ascending air.


The vibrating fluidized bed dryer is a new equipment developed in recent years. It is suitable for drying materials that are too coarse or too fine, easy to bond, and difficult to fluidize. In addition, it is also used for materials with special requirements, such as the drying of sugar, the crystal form is complete, the crystal is bright, the particle size is uniform, etc. The pulse fluidized bed dryer is also used for materials that are not easy to fluidize or have special requirements.

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