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Two advantages of vibro fluidized bed dryer
Jan 23, 2019

vibro fluidized bed dryers are a kind of drying equipment with special purpose, which is generally the final drying treatment of materials. In practical applications, the vibro fluidized bed dryer exhibits two outstanding advantages: First, uniform fluidization can be obtained at a very low gas velocity, thereby greatly reducing energy consumption, interparticle wear and dust entrainment; Second, the material residence time is evenly distributed, and the residence time is easy to adjust and control, so that a very desirable product moisture content can be obtained.


In the drying process, the vibro fluidized bed dryer has an ideal drying effect, which not only makes the object uniform in heat, but also has sufficient heat exchange, high drying strength, and obvious energy saving advantages.


The vibro fluidized bed dryer can maintain stable operation for a long time, convenient maintenance, long life, good adjustability, wide adaptability, thickness of the material layer, moving speed inside the machine and full amplitude change can be adjusted steplessly. The device adopts a fully enclosed structure, which effectively prevents cross-infection of materials and outside air, and the working environment is clean.

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