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Turbine sugar pulverizer use characteristics and production requirements
Feb 20, 2019

When the turbine sugar pulverizer is used, its main structural principle is inside the machine. During the production, the crushing rotor consisting of a total of 56 blades of 4 sets of cutter heads is supported on the bearing blocks of the left and right end caps for high-speed rotation. The solid material particles are subjected to various mechanisms such as extrusion, tearing, collision, shearing and the like between the toothed lining of the inner cavity and the blade, thereby achieving the purpose of pulverization.
When the turbine sugar pulverizer is running, the high-speed rotation of the impeller at both ends of the rotor at the same time effectively passes through the vortex effect of the cavity between the inlet and the outlet, so that the pulverized particles are smoothly imported (large gap) to (small gap), and the pulverization is achieved. And refinement. In order to limit the temperature in the cavity is too high, improve the pulverization efficiency, prevent the particles from sticking to the cavity, sticking the knife, blocking the teeth, and agglomerating. The four sets of wide cavity water jackets on the surface of the cavity are forced to water-cool, so that the temperature in the cavity is controlled to be lower. limit.
Turbine Sugar Crusher Performance Features
In the process of production, the turbine sugar pulverizer mainly introduces new products developed and produced by foreign technology, and its main performance is leading in China when it is used. It is suitable for crushing PVC, PE, PET, PC, LDPE, HDPE and other plastics, bakelite, resin, inorganic minerals, Chinese and Western medicines, coatings, electric jade powder, grain, food industry and other materials. The fineness after crushing can reach 200 head.

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