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Turbine sugar pulverizer design requirements and crushing advantages
Dec 12, 2018

When the turbine sugar pulverizer is used, its pulverizing ability is strong and the energy consumption is low. To a certain extent, the relative fineness of the product is small, the pulverizing space of the whole equipment is large, and the high-strength wind pressure generated during the turbine operation can not only improve the production capacity. The pulverization phenomenon is reduced, and the deposition and clogging of the screen due to the generation of the material in the pulverization process can be effectively avoided.

The turbo sugar pulverizer has a high-strength wind pressure and can also take away the heat generated in the pulverizing chamber to the utmost extent. When it is used, it will be reinforced by the strengthening equipment, so the pulverizing ability of the fibrous material is higher than that of the general equipment. The installation is convenient, the positioning is reliable, and all are plug-in type. The service life is much higher than the ring screen form.

In the process of designing the turbine sugar pulverizer, the built-in motor of the equipment can reduce the center of gravity of the electric appliance, so that the noise of the equipment can be effectively reduced, and the turbine sugar pulverizer can effectively prevent the use of the turbine sugar pulverizer. The pulverizing chamber is heated too fast and too high, suitable for pulverizing some heat sensitive materials, including those that become soft or even melt at lower temperatures. Remember: the increase in temperature is closely related to the temperature and the temperature of the water used for cooling.

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