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Turbine Pulverizer Structure Principle and Technical Performance
May 17, 2018

In a complete set of turbine Pulverizer installations, the main components include crushers, rotary valves, vibrating screens, thermometers, main motors, micro-vibration feeders, electrical control cabinets, and mechanical devices. Under normal circumstances, the diameter of the cavity of the turbine mill is designed to be 400 mm, and the minimum particle size of the machine is 200 mesh. The speed of the device can reach 4300 to 5000 revolutions per minute.


During the operation of the turbine Pulverizer, in order to ensure its normal operation, water cooling is generally adopted, and its operating temperature is controlled to be 0° C. to 60° C. or less. The exhaust capacity of the equipment can usually reach 160 meters per minute, the discharge speed is 200 to 400 kilograms per hour, and the shaker throughput is 600 to 1200 kilograms per hour. The overall technical performance of this equipment is very advanced, so it is favored by the users in the market.


So, what is the structural principle of the turbine Pulverizer? In fact, in the interior of the device, a crushing rotor consisting of 56 blades of 4 sets of cutter heads is supported on the bearing seats of the left and right end caps for high speed rotation, so that the solid material particles are indented in the inner cavity and the blade Between the smashing, tearing, collision, shearing and other mechanisms, to achieve the purpose of crushing.


With the continued operation of the turbine Pulverizer, the large and small impellers at both ends of the rotor are in a state of high rotation. Through the eddy effect of the cavity between the inlet and the outlet, the crushed particles are smoothly imported (with a large gap) to ( The gap is small) to achieve crushing and refinement. In order to limit the high temperature inside the chamber, improve the crushing efficiency, prevent the sticking of the particles, sticking knife, blocking the teeth, and clumping. The four sets of wide-cavity water jackets on the cavity surface are forced to cool by water, so that the temperature is controlled to be normal. Within range.


Combined with the current application situation, we can use the turbine Pulverizer to crush and process various types of plastic products, as well as materials such as bakelite, resin, inorganic minerals, Chinese and Western medicines, coatings, jade powder, cereals, and food industry. Under normal circumstances, after the use of turbine crushing and grinding, the fineness of the material can reach 200 mesh.


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