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The working principle, characteristics and application of airflow drying equipment
May 09, 2018

The advantage of the airflow drying equipment when it is dried is that it achieves instant drying of the material. It mainly utilizes a high-speed flowing hot air flow to suspend the wet starch therein and dry it during the air flow. At present, it mainly includes straight pipes, cyclones and pulsed air drying equipment.


1. Working principle of airflow drying equipment:


The material to be dried will enter the air drying equipment together with the hot air. In the swirl dryer, the air entrained material enters from the tangential direction and forms a spiral movement along the inner wall. The material is evenly distributed in the air flow and the rotation is performed. dry. After drying, the finished product is discharged from the cyclone separator and a small part of the flying powder is recycled by a cyclone dust collector or a bag filter. The wet, even agglomerated, material is then crushed by a blower until it disperses, stirring, mixing, and then parallel flow of the material and the hot gas stream during the dispersion process.


Normally when air-drying equipment is used, the air will be heated to between 80 and 300 degrees (adjustable). The material is added into the feed hopper, and the screw feeder is evenly added into the drying tube to make contact with the hot air in parallel to form a complex heat exchange process that is mainly convection, and finally achieves the product drying requirements.


2. Performance characteristics of airflow drying equipment:


a. High drying strength, high thermal efficiency, large amount of processing per unit time.

b. Short drying time can also be used for heat-sensitive materials.

c. The material is less exposed to the outside world, free from contamination, and has good product quality.

d. The device itself is simple in structure, small in size, saves space, and is very easy to operate and maintain.


3, the application of air drying equipment:


In practical applications, most air-flow drying equipment is used to dry-process some powdery or granular materials. It is usually required that the particle size of the materials should not exceed 1 mm. Due to the high gas velocity and short drying time when the device is operated, the air drying device can be used for the constant-rate drying process of water evaporation on the material surface.

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