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The outstanding performance of the continuous disc dryer in the overall structure
Nov 08, 2018

The speciality of the continuous disc dryer is that it discharges moisture through the top cover while the dry matter discharged from the bottom can be directly packaged. Therefore, the overall structure is relatively significant, and at the same time has a certain degree of efficiency, often used in many fields, and its internal structural design is deeply loved by people.


The hollow heating plate is the main component of the continuous disc dryer. The inside is filled with saturated steam, hot water or heat transfer oil as the heating medium, so the heating plate is actually a pressure vessel. Therefore, a baffle plate or a short pipe is welded in a certain arrangement inside thereof, on the one hand, the disturbance of the heating medium in the hollow disk is increased, and the heat transfer effect is improved. On the other hand, the rigidity of the hollow disk is increased and the load carrying capacity is improved. Each heating plate has an inlet and outlet for the heat carrier. The heating coils of each layer are kept at a certain distance and fixed horizontally on the frame.


Each layer of the heating plate of the disc continuous dryer is equipped with a cross arm, and the arm layer on the upper and lower heating plates is fixed at 45 degrees on the main shaft. Each of the squat arms is provided with several lobes arranged equidistantly, but the rakes of the upper and lower heating plates are installed in opposite directions to ensure the normal flow of materials.


The motor drives the dryer spindle to rotate through the reducer. The material enters through the feed port above the dryer, and is dried by the heating trays of each layer and then discharged from the lower discharge port. The outermost part of the dryer is a casing that allows the entire drying process to take place in a confined space. Suitable for dry bulk materials, not for viscous or paste materials.


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