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The effect of the pulse air stream dryer, the inspection of materials and pipelines
Aug 30, 2018

Pulse air stream dryer is a large-scale drying equipment. It adopts the principle of instantaneous drying. It uses the rapid movement of hot air to drive the wet materials and suspend the wet materials in the hot air. This strengthens the whole drying process and improves the drying process. The rate of heat and mass transfer. The material dried by the pulse airflow dryer can be almost completely removed, and the dried material will not be deteriorated. The output can be significantly improved compared with the drying of the general dryer, so that the user can obtain a higher economy in a short period of time. benefit.


Not only the use effect is good, but also the pulse air stream dryer adapts more materials. In addition to the materials mentioned in the basic type, there are materials with light weight, difficult feeding, flammable and explosive. That is because the pulse airflow dryer improves the cyclone separator and solves the phenomenon that the material does not roll out. At the same time, the system integration, advanced control, and over-temperature alarm interlocking to close the heat source effectively solve the problem of combustion explosion caused by excessive temperature.


During use, it is necessary to periodically check the airflow and exhaust hoses of the pulse airflow dryer, place the hand on the external vents and feel the strong airflow; and check the ventilation hoses to ensure that it is firmly connected to the dry Machine and external vents.


In addition, check the exhaust line in the pulse air stream dryer and use a vacuum cleaner to remove excess impurities. Repeat this process regularly. Reinstall the exhaust hose in the shortest and most direct way to avoid dragging the hose because these low points are where the lint accumulates.

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