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The difference between vibrating fluidized bed dryer and fluidized bed boiling granulator
Jun 15, 2018

Vibrating fluidized bed dryer is a kind of efficient drying machine that develops rapidly. It has been widely used in chemical, light industry, medicine, food and other industries, and has been gradually extended to granulation, calcining, cooling and other aspects. Visible fluidized bed dryers are still widely used.


When the material is dried using a vibrating fluidized bed dryer, it is stirred violently due to gas-solid two-phase countercurrent contact. The solid particles are suspended in the drying medium and have a large contact surface area. Therefore, the vibrating fluidized bed dryer is excellent in terms of heat transfer, mass transfer, volumetric drying strength, and thermal efficiency. The transmission mechanism does not contact the material and it will not be mixed with impurities due to equipment wear. This is particularly important for industries that require higher purity of medicines and other industries.


The advantage of vibrating fluidized bed dryer is very obvious. It is not only suitable for the drying of granular materials without agglutination, the particle diameter can be from 30μm~6mm, the equipment structure is simple, and the production capacity is from tens of kilograms per hour to several hundred In addition, its thermal efficiency is also high. For the removal of unbound moisture in the material, the thermal efficiency can reach about 70%. For the removal of the combined moisture in the material, the thermal efficiency is about 30% to 50%.


In practical applications, the residence time of the material in the vibrating fluidized bed dryer is related to the structure of the fluidized bed. If the design is reasonable, the residence time of the material in the fluidized bed can be arbitrarily extended. In order to improve the uniformity of the drying of the material in the fluidized bed, various fluidized beds of various structures are generally used.


What is easy to confuse is the fluidized bed boiling granulator, but in fact the working principle and application range of the two are all different. The working principle of the vibrating fluidized bed dryer is that after the material is placed in the machine, the dried material is discharged from the discharge port after the material is shaken horizontally under vibration. The fluidized bed boiling granulator is in the form of an annular fluidized state of the material powder particles in the raw material container, is preheated and mixed by the purified heated air, and the binder solution is atomized and sprayed, so that a plurality of particles are aggregated. The binder-containing granules eventually form ideal, uniform microporous spherical particles.


Vibrating fluidized bed dryers have a wide range of applications, including chemical, food, dehydrated vegetables, and pharmaceuticals. The vibration source is driven by a vibration motor, which is easy to maintain and has a long service life. The material can be dried evenly, with little damage to the material, without affecting the effect of the material and saving energy. For some fragiles, the vibrating fluidized bed dryer is the only choice.


The fluidized bed boiling granulator is suitable for granulation in the pharmaceutical industry, granulation in the food industry, and granulation in other industries. It can be found that the vibrating fluidized bed dryer has the dual function of granulation and drying, while the granulator can only granulate.

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