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The difference between turbine sugar pulverizer and universal grinder and its use
May 29, 2018

For different types and characteristics of materials, the smashing equipment used is also different. For example, the turbine sugar pulverizer is a turbine mill that is specially used to crush sugar. It has some differences with our usual universal grinder. What are these differences? What should you watch out for when using a turbine sugar mill?


When the turbine sugar crusher rotates, the spindle and the turbine are driven by the motor to rotate at high speed; at the same time, the grinding blocks on the turbine and the screen ring are broken and ground, and when the material enters the cavity from the hopper, the material rotates in the turbine. The air flow is tightly rubbed and strongly impinges on the inside of the blades of the turbine and is ground again in the gap between the blades and the grinding blocks.


While smashing the material, the turbine sucks in a large amount of air, which serves to cool the machine, grind the material, and convey fines. Therefore, the working process of the turbine sugar mill can be simply seen as a blade shearing process, so it is suitable for materials with larger fibers.


The universal crusher uses relatively high speed operation between the movable tooth plate and the fixed tooth plate, so that the pulverized material is impacted by the tooth plate, friction and collision of the materials to obtain pulverization. The crushed material can be discharged directly from the grinding chamber. Simply speaking, it is crushed by a hammer and is suitable for brittle materials.


Each piece of equipment has its own precautions for use, and the turbine-smashing unit is no exception. This will greatly reduce the failure rate of the equipment. Before use, check whether all fasteners of the machine are tightened and whether the belt is tensioned. The direction of the spindle must be in the direction of the arrow shown on the protective cover, otherwise the machine may be damaged and personal injury may result. Check if the appliance is complete. Check whether there are any hard objects such as metal in the crushing room of the machine. Otherwise, the tools will be damaged and the operation of the machine will be affected.


After completing the inspection of the turbine sugar mill itself, the crushed material must be inspected before comminution. The key is its purity, and it is not allowed to mix metal hard debris. At the same time, the oil cup on the machine should be often filled with lubricating oil to ensure that the machine stops feeding before the normal operation stops. When the turbo sugar crusher is used, there will be slight vibration, and the cover connection handle must be tightened.

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