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The development of drying machine
Feb 02, 2018

Rice is the most important ration crop for urban and rural residents in China. In normal years, our country has an annual output of 200 million tons of rice, and abundant paddy resources provide important material basis for the development of paddy processing industry in our country.

2010, the national enterprise size of more than 5,666 rice processing enterprises, annual production capacity of 94.63 million tons, of which: daily processing drying capacity of 100 tons of the following enterprises for 4,741, 100~200 ton of enterprises for 754, 200~400 ton of enterprises for 132, The enterprise of 400~1000 ton is 38, 1000 ton Enterprise is 10.

The 1950s, clean sieve, Stone machine, "type 59" Valley roughness separation screen, such as the emergence of machinery; 20th century from 60 to 70, Nissan 30 tons and 50 tons of complete sets of rice milling equipment, flat-turn-valley roughness sieve, Gravity Valley roughness separator, blast meter machine, rice polishing machine, rice color separator, grain separation equipment, White rice finishing equipment, such as the birth of equipment; the 1990s, Rice finishing and rice quality drying and conditioning technology, brown rice circulation key technical equipment research and comprehensive demonstration project, high-quality Rice postpartum finishing and fresh-keeping technology equipment research and development, Rice deep processing technology research and development and other technical research completion.

China Food Industry Association Rice branch staff said that the birth of these equipment technology, can show that China's rice processing technology research attention.

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