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The continual plate dryer has strong applicability and precise adjustment
Oct 22, 2018

The continual plate dryer is easy to adjust and adaptable during operation. In operation, the drying process is optimized mainly by adjusting the thickness of the layer, the spindle speed, the number of the arm, the type of the crotch and the size. Each layer of drying tray can be heated or cooled by entering the heat medium or cold medium separately, and the temperature control of the material is accurate and easy.


The continuous residence time of the continual plate dryer can be precisely adjusted during the operation. The flow direction of the material is single, and there is no back mixing phenomenon to a certain extent, uniform drying, stable quality and no need to mix again. Easy to operate and easy.


The disc continuous dryer is very simple in the operation of parking and driving. After the equipment is stopped, the material conveying the material can quickly drain the material in the dryer. Careful cleaning and observation of the inside of the equipment is possible through the special large inspection door mirror.


The continuous drying machine of the disc type has a thin material layer and a low spindle speed. The material conveying system requires less power and less power consumption, conducts heat with conduction heat, has high thermal efficiency, and has low energy consumption. The operating environment is good, the solvent can be recovered, and the dust discharge meets the requirements.

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