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The characteristics of the materials and equipment applicable to the line vibration fluidized bed dryer
May 02, 2018

The line vibration fluidized bed dryer is no stranger to it. Its scope of application is very wide. It can be used for materials with a wide range of particle size distribution, as well as slow drying or viscous materials. It is also very sensitive to some low temperature sensitive materials and brittle materials. Good drying efficiency, so the equipment is widely used in petrochemicals, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, grain and oil, waste residue treatment and other industries.


The reason why the line vibration fluidized bed dryer is suitable for so many materials is inextricably linked with its own structural design. For example, the vibration function of the linear vibration fluidized bed dryer will help the particle size discharge without making the material particles too large. And its one-time fluidization condition can produce plug flow and eliminate burning or discoloration of individual particles. In addition, the line vibration fluidized bed dryer vibrates and reduces the fluidization velocity to create a gentle bed, which is less degrading than conventional fluidized bed dryers or other mechanical dryers.


In addition to its functional features, the carrier of the line vibration fluidized bed dryer is also very distinctive. It requires a lower fluidization speed and makes the fluidized bed dryer more energy efficient; at the same time, it is also easy to clean and maintain. Take too much time. In addition, it can recycle gas and closed loop systems to increase efficiency or solvent recovery.


When necessary, cleaning and fire extinguishing systems can be provided as part of a line vibration fluidized bed dryer in order to increase the drying efficiency. Of course, the inspection and maintenance work of the equipment is also very important. For the linear vibrating fluidized bed dryer, the inspection can be divided into many aspects. For example, it can include the use of previous inspections, as well as inspections during use. In addition, after each use is completed, the equipment must be checked in all directions. As long as this can effectively guarantee the stability of the equipment.


In addition, the inspection of the equipment includes not only whether each component of the equipment is normal, but also the cleaning of some residual materials inside the equipment, etc. Especially, it is very important to clean the garbage after each operation. To ensure the stability of the vibrating fluidized bed dryer, it is also a very important way to maintain the equipment.

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