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The basis and skills of purchasing Chinese herbal medicine extract spraying dryer
Jun 09, 2018

The traditional Chinese herbal medicine extract spraying dryer is mainly suitable for the production of microgranular powders in the laboratories of pharmaceutical and chemical companies. It has broad spectrum applicability to all solutions such as emulsions and suspensions; it is suitable for the drying of heat sensitive materials such as biological products and biological pesticides. , enzyme preparations and so on. Since the material sprayed by the traditional Chinese medicine extract spray dryer is exposed to high temperatures only when it is sprayed into mist-like particles, it is only heated instantaneously, and it is possible to maintain the active ingredients of the active material without damage after drying.


The spray drying technology used in the Chinese herbal medicine extract spraying dryer is a drying method that uses atomizers to spray the material liquid into droplets dispersed in hot air or an inert gas, so that the moisture content of the material liquid or the organic solvent is rapidly evaporated. . In this way, the solution and the emulsion can be directly dried into a powdery or granular product, and evaporation, concentration, and comminution processes can be omitted, and the obtained particles have a uniform distribution and good fluidity.


Because of this, the Chinese herbal extract spray dryer has the characteristics of rapid heat transfer, rapid evaporation of water, instant drying time, and good solubility of the dried material. For the physical or chemical properties of different materials, as well as the size and solubility of the powder or granules to be obtained, the user may need a type of Chinese herbal medicine extract spraying dryer to obtain the best experimental results.


When choosing a Chinese herbal extract spray dryer, first consider the sugar content or heat-resistant degree of the material; at the same time, the material solvent is organic solvent or whether the material is easy to be oxidized or toxic; if you need to get large-grain powder material, you can also choose Chinese medicine extract spray dryer.


At present, the high-quality Chinese herbal extract spray dryer in the market uses imported nozzles, high efficiency, color LCD touch screen parameter display, as well as automatic control and manual control, which provides users with great convenience in operating the equipment.


The Chinese medicine extract spray dryer has a two-fluid spray atomization structure. The whole machine is made of high-quality stainless steel. The design is compact, no auxiliary equipment is needed, and the dry temperature control design adopts real-time control PID constant temperature control technology to make the full temperature control temperature. Accuracy, heating temperature control accuracy of ± 1 °C, which has a better drying effect.

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