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The advantages of high speed rotating flash dryer
Mar 07, 2018

Because multi-effect evaporation has the disadvantage of serious fouling, it is urgent to introduce an evaporative method that can overcome this deficiency. Flash-drying is developed on this basis. The resulting high-speed rotary flash dryer with simple and reliable equipment, anti-scaling performance, easy to large-scale, flexible operation and the availability of low heat and waste heat and so on.


Because of this, the high speed rotating flash dryer is rapidly being applied and developed as soon as it came out. Compared with the conventional drying equipment, the high-speed rotary flash dryer is not only technologically advanced but also has a reasonable design, compact structure, , Smashing, screening a one-time finish, reduce the process, save energy, no environmental pollution, machine performance has reached the advanced level at home and abroad.


In addition, high speed rotating flash dryer can also handle paste, cake and other materials; because it is flash, instantaneous completion of drying, it can be used to handle heat-sensitive materials; drying room with a mixer, at the same time at high speed Dry in the air stream, handling sticky materials.


High-speed rotary flash dryer dries high-solids solids at a much higher temperature than many other dryers, consuming as much as 2 times the drying capacity of spray-dryers at the same volume when compared to spray-drying equipment Consumption is spray drying 1/3.


After high-speed spin flash dryer product processing not only high yield, and good quality, can achieve uniform size, low moisture content, which is other types of drying equipment in the past does not have the characteristics that can further promote the application of equipment .

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