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Technical Features of Chinese Herbal Medicine Extract Spraying Dryer
Mar 02, 2018

Chinese herbal medicine extract spraying dryer is a drying equipment developed by absorbing foreign technology, it is not only the application of centrifugal spray drying technology in the specific material drying, but also the use of high-speed centrifugal atomizer material dispersed into fine, hot Full contact with the air to complete an instant drying, the formation of powder products drying device.


As the Chinese medicine extract spray dryer for low melting point, high sugar content of Chinese medicine drying equipment, and has a non-stick wall, the material is not coking, not easy to absorb moisture and other characteristics, so it can be specifically used to solve traditional Chinese medicine extract and plant The drying of the extract effectively solves the problems of the original high speed spray dryer appearing in the drying of Chinese traditional medicine extract.


Chinese herbal medicine extract spraying dryer using centrifugal spray drying technology, in order to prevent the material from sticking wall, the equipment is provided with air sweep wall, tower wall cooling jacket structure, which can effectively prevent the product of the coking wall, improve product quality, yield .


At the same time it is unique product delivery system, the finished product can be dry and timely separation of hot and humid air within the system to avoid the moisture absorption products produced agglomeration may be. Air into the Chinese medicine extract spray dryer using three air purification, air intake to 300,000 level requirements.


In the Chinese herbal medicine extract spraying dryer internal, also used fast open Chongzuo device, making it suitable for a variety of production requirements; due to its spray tower volume and configuration according to the nature of the material for adaptive adjustment, the entire dryer Practicality is more obvious.


Chinese herbal medicine extract spraying dryer design of the entire drying system in line with the GMP standard requirements; users in the order according to the characteristics of the material can choose A type, B type, C type, one of them to achieve the best adaptability between equipment and materials.

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