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Structure layout and use advantages of grain pulverizer
Nov 19, 2018

The grain crusher belongs to the feed processing equipment. It is based on the hammer mill. The deflector and the tangential fixed blade are installed in the crushing chamber. At the same time, the thin hammer is used to increase the number of hammers and increase the speed. The production of electricity is greatly improved, and the processed feed is more suitable for the requirements of livestock and poultry feeding. The pulverizer can process a variety of cereals and can also be comminuted to smash the orange stalk feed.


Since the conventional pulverizer generally achieves the crushing of the raw material by the rotating pulverizing blade or the pulverizing stick mechanism, not only the noise is large, but also the breaking of the raw material is not uniform enough; at the same time, the torque required by the conventional equipment is large, and the consumption is large. When the power is higher and the machining volume is too large, it is easy to be damaged due to the cutter shaft being stuck.


In order to overcome the above drawbacks, a recovery duct communicating with the axial ends of the outer casing is disposed outside the outer casing of the extruded type grain, and the top is communicated with the inside of the crusher casing through the particle separation net, and the bottom of the recovery duct passes through the powder separation net. It communicates with the inside of the shredder housing.


At the same time, a blower impeller is built in the bottom of the grain pulverizer crusher, and a separate filter is arranged on the upper part of the impeller, and the edge of the split screen is fixedly connected with the inner wall of the crusher casing; at the top of the crusher casing A feed port is provided; a circular groove having a circular cross section is provided at the bottom of the recovery duct to make it work better.

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