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Structure and function characteristics of horizontal fluidized bed dryer
Nov 12, 2018

From the structural point of view, the horizontal fluidized bed dryer divides the dryer into a plurality of drying chambers through the baffle, which can change the different temperatures and winds according to different drying degrees of the materials, greatly saving energy; and above the electric heating device The temperature monitor is installed to display the temperature of the horizontal dryer on the control device, which is more convenient to operate; the feeder is equipped with a feeder, and the feeder conveys the material to the perforated plate in an orderly manner by clockwise rotation. Move the baffle to change the distance between the baffle and the perforated plate to maximize efficiency; in addition, only the fan is installed in the last drying chamber to cool the dried material for convenient storage.


The horizontal fluidized bed dryer designed in this way is widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food processing and other industries. The structure of multiple boiling chambers is used to pass the product through multiple drying processes, so that the moisture in the product can be completely removed, and the product is improved. the quality of. And it shows the advantages of small thermal inertia, low drying temperature, high efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving.


The horizontal fluidized bed dryer continuously blows the wet material into the fluidized bed through the hot air formed by heating the air, and the wet material is in a boiling state under the wind blowing, and the wet air is widely contacted to make the wet material. The drying can be completed in a short time, and the exhaust gas generated by the drying process is extracted by the induced draft fan; the air volume and the wind pressure of the induced draft fan can be changed, which can meet the requirements of the wind pressure and the air volume of the drying process of various materials.

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