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Stainless steel turbine pulverizer has strong crushing capacity and service life
Jul 18, 2018

The stainless steel turbine pulverizer is very suitable for the pulverization of low-hardness materials in the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries. Generally, the fineness will be adjusted between 30-150 mesh, with high yield and granularity. Fine, low noise, low energy consumption, simple maintenance, easy installation, etc., especially suitable for crushing and processing of low hardness materials such as oiliness, viscosity, heat sensitivity and fiber.

In the process of rotating the stainless steel turbine pulverizer, the grinding blocks on the turbine and the screen ring form a crushing and grinding pair. To a certain extent, when the material enters the machine cavity from the hopper, the material can be in the turbine. The swirling airflow tightly rubs and strongly impacts on the inside of the blade of the turbine and is again ground in the gap between the blade and the grinding block.

The stainless steel turbo crusher can effectively inhale a large amount of air while the material is being pulverized, and the air flow can effectively cool the machine, grind the material and transfer the fine material. The fineness of the material pulverization depends on the nature of the material and the size of the screen, as well as the throughput of the material and air. The bearing components of the WFJ Turbo Crusher are equipped with a special labyrinth seal that effectively prevents dust from entering the bearing cavity, thus extending the life of the bearing. The machine door is equipped with a silicone rubber sealing ring, which is free of dust and pollutes the operating environment.

The stainless steel turbo crusher has strong crushing ability, low energy consumption, relatively small product fineness, large crushing space of the whole equipment, and high-strength wind pressure generated during turbine operation, which can not only improve the production capacity, but also reduce the over-grinding phenomenon. Effectively avoiding the deposition and clogging of the screen during the pulverization process of the material.

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