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Solid Fluid Flow and Process Characteristics in a Vibration Fluidized Bed Dryer
May 25, 2018

The vibration fluidized bed dryer is the basic type in the fluidized bed drying equipment. It is based on the difference in the solids flow patterns in the equipment. In addition to the vibrating fluidized bed dryer, there are two types of fluidized bed dryers. Bed dryers and multi-layer fluidized bed dryers.


Comparing these types of fluidized bed drying equipment, one of the more obvious features of the vibrating fluidized bed dryer is the application of a certain amount of exciting force in the fluidized bed so that the fluidized state of the material is a synergistic effect of vibration and airflow. produced. The fluidization state of the fluidized-bed dryer is mainly dependent on the effect of gas flow; the multi-layer fluidized-bed dryer is used to make the airflow and material particles reverse flow through two or more layers of distributors.


Compared with the drying process of other particle drying equipments, the drying process of the vibration fluidized bed dryer does have many advantages. For example, the granular raw materials can be easily fluidized and transported; in particular, the drying of heat-sensitive products can avoid overheating of local materials and adaptation. Strong; so as not to degrade the molecular weight of the product, does not destroy the physicochemical properties of the product.


Because the vibrating fluidized bed dryer can provide a large contact area for the material and the fluid medium, the material can be uniformly mixed and the heat and mass transfer can be fully performed, which also greatly improves the thermal efficiency of the apparatus. At the same time, because the vibrating fluidized bed dryer can be equipped with a tube bundle or plate type heat exchanger for indirect heating or cooling, the material can be obtained at a relatively low temperature, high evaporation rate, significant savings in energy consumption, reduce Exhaust gas purification facilities.


In practical applications, drying and cooling can be effectively performed in a combined vibration fluidized bed dryer, thus saving investment and reducing production costs. In addition, important data such as the temperature of the drying medium and the negative pressure on the bed are collected in an automated manner to achieve computer control and meet the drying process requirements of the drying equipment.


In general, the fluidized bed drying equipment including vibrating fluidized bed dryers is suitable for granular, powdery, massive products with an average particle size of 50-5000 μm to achieve ideal drying and cooling effects.

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