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Small dryer
Feb 02, 2018

Dehydration Dryer Product Description: Dehydration, drying synchronous, no water stains and stains appear, can avoid the workpiece oxidation or rust, improve the gloss and quality of finished products; dewatering groove for stainless steel material, rugged, inner blue can be put forward, convenient workpiece loading;

The dewatering dryer is equipped with pedal brakes, improve the safety of the use of automatic control of the power supply system, dehydration and drying to complete or open the stainless steel lid, automatically cut off the power supply, the machine adopts casting and milling base, stable center of gravity, internal and external cylinder made of stainless steel, rugged and durable; heater assembled on top of stainless steel lid Both the power supply and the braking system are automatically controlled.

Dewatering dryer Features: Applicable to all kinds of metal parts by grinding and polishing, leaching rust-proof liquid after dehydration and drying, electroplating and polishing processing plants, drying necessary machines.

Dehydration dryer is also called centrifugal dryer, hot air machine, drying machine

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