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Silencer and advantages of horizontal fluidizing dryer
Oct 24, 2018

The trapping bag of the horizontal fluidizing dryer is made of anti-static fiber material. To some extent, it is necessary to eliminate the static electricity entering the powder in the bag in time, so as to avoid the peeling caused when the powder aggregates fall off. Get electricity. Conductor material is used as the connecting part of the air supply duct and each connecting component, and the whole system is carefully connected to make the static electricity on the powder guide away in time.

The horizontal boiling dryer uses a very unique sound-absorbing device, which can reduce its production noise. To a certain extent, it is very environmentally friendly and convenient for the production area. Therefore, as long as the correct protection is good, this is our good work. helper.

The horizontal fluidizing dryer has the advantages of good heat transfer capacity and high production capacity, uniform high temperature distribution and various operations, adjustable material residence time, low investment cost and small maintenance workload, and has been shown to be dry in China. After 30 years of use and improvement, the unique position of the field is now increasingly playing an important role in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other aspects.

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