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Several characteristics of traditional Chinese herbal medicine extract spraying dryer
Sep 14, 2018

For the treatment of traditional Chinese herbal medicine extract spraying dryer, each process is extremely strict. In the process of drying, in order to ensure that the active ingredients are not lost, the process flow is shortened, and the production of fully enclosed lines is realized. Therefore, many companies use the Chinese medicine extract spray dryer.


The device utilizes centrifugal spray drying technology, and is also a drying device for forming a powder product by using a high-speed centrifugal atomizer to disperse the material into a mist and complete contact with hot air to complete instant drying. Its main features are as follows:

Short residence time: Since most Chinese herbal medicines are heat sensitive materials, the use of traditional Chinese herbal medicine extract spraying dryer can shorten the drying time and protect the materials.

No pollution: equipment enclosed space, Chinese herbal medicine is dry and non-polluting, in line with GMP standards.


Wide range of applications: For Chinese herbal extracts with different solid content, we can use traditional Chinese medicine extract spray dryer.

Easy to operate: Chinese medicine extract spray dryer is used for drying Chinese herbal medicine to make spherical powder, which is convenient for preparation process (can be made into tablets or capsules).


After drying, the Chinese herbal medicine particles are uniform and light in color.

Simple operation: the entire drying process is automatically controlled, and the adjustment of different parameters can adjust the quality of the product (humidity, particle size, bulk density).

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