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Service life and pressure regulating mechanism of flat die extrusion granulator
Dec 17, 2018

The flat die extrusion granulator can make the linear velocity of the inner and outer rings of the die in the process of operation. To some extent, there will be no misalignment between the wheel and the die, reducing the resistance and reducing the kinetic energy loss. It extends the service life of the mold, which is a major difference from similar compression molding equipment.

The flat die extrusion granulator mainly adopts the screw center pressure regulating mechanism. When the operation is performed, the die gap will be large and small, and it is suitable for different materials when it is used, so that the pressing effect can be ensured, and the pressure wheel adopts the body. The large groove is wide, the pressure is wear-resistant, and the pressure roller adopts multiple uniform distributions, and the operation is stable, and the pressing area is increased, thereby improving the production efficiency. Sawdust and straw compression molding require a lot of pressure. In the same kind of granulation, briquetting and rod making equipment, the pressure roller component is the central component of the whole equipment.

The compression molding of the flat die extrusion granulator is diversified. The round bars, squares and granules can be replaced by changing the mold, which is suitable for compression molding of different materials and achieves excellent benefits. The granulating room is equipped with an observation door, which is easy to check and maintain at any time.

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