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Selection of dryer
Feb 02, 2018

① Material Original Shape granule, powder, particle, silt, crystal, liquid, paste, suspension, solution, continuous sheet, thick plate, irregular material (small or large), viscous or blocky.

② average output continuous operation of feeding quantity or finished product, intermittent operation of feeding quantity or finished product and its adjustment range.

The average particle size, particle size distribution, particle density, bulk density, and ③ of finished granules were found.

④ material inlet and outlet moisture content dry base, wet base.

⑤ material properties of chemical, biochemical, microbial activity, heat-sensitive (melting point, glass temperature), hygroscopic isotherm (equilibrium moisture content) and so on.

The effect of drying curve and operation parameters of ⑥ drying time.

⑦ Heater Form Contact mode (direct type, indirect type).

⑧ fuel chooses steam, coal, electricity, oil, gas.

⑨ Drying Auxiliary Equipment fan, dry dust catcher, wet dust remover, feeder, feeder, finished product cooling and conveying devices.

⑩ Special requirements constitute material, corrosive, toxic, non hydrophilic solution, flammable and explosive limit, ignition point, color, structure, fragrance requirements.

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