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Safety requirements for horizontal boiling dryers
Sep 21, 2018

The horizontal boiling dryer is a drying device, also called a fluidized bed, which is usually composed of a heater, a fluidized bed main engine, a cyclone separator, a bag filter, a fan, and a console. In order to ensure the safety of the workshop, we will pay special attention to the production requirements of our customers when producing horizontal boiling dryers.


When designing the structure, the filter bag disassembly and assembly in the horizontal boiling dryer should have a dedicated ladder and platform, railings, and the equipment platform can ensure the safety of personnel. Moreover, the equipment should be equipped with overload protection and leakage protection devices. When the equipment is out of balance or malfunction, necessary protective measures must be provided to ensure the equipment.


In addition, protective measures are taken for all hazardous components, and the electrical system safety of each grounding device complies with the corresponding national standards. Mixing in the bed of the horizontal boiling dryer can avoid the agglomeration of the wet materials and the formation of the channel during the working process. It is not only dry and quick, but also easy to operate and easy to clean. It is a device that meets GMP requirements.

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