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Requirements and working principle of horizontal boiling dryer
Mar 28, 2018

The horizontal boiling dryer is also called a fluidized bed in the process of operation. During the production process, it is mainly composed of a fluidized bed main unit, a cyclone separator, a heater, a high-pressure centrifugal fan, an air filter, a cyclone separator, and Console composition.

Horizontal boiling dryers in the operation due to the nature of its drying materials, when supporting the dust removal equipment, can be considered in accordance with their needs, to a certain extent, you can choose the cyclone separator, bag filter, can also choose one Species.

Horizontal boiling dryer is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing, food, etc. The equipment can more and more reflect its important role, and the equipment will be effectively carried out in accordance with its needs during the process of supporting the dust removal equipment. To a certain extent, cyclone separators and bag filter can be selected at the same time.

In the horizontal boiling dryer, its clean hot air will be effectively distributed into the bed through its valve plate, and the wet material effectively entered from the feeder is boiled by the hot air. Due to the extensive contact of hot air with the material, the process of heat and mass transfer is enhanced, so it can be dried in a short time.

During the operation of the horizontal boiling dryer, it enters from one end of the bed, and then it boils through tens of seconds to several minutes and automatically flows out from the other end of the bed. This equipment is generally operated under negative pressure. The equipment needs to be placed flat, fixed with anchor bolts, and the components are well sealed. The fan can be placed outdoors or in a built-in silence chamber. The layout can be adjusted according to the specific situation.

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