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Rapid drying process of high speed rotating flash dryer
Aug 31, 2018

A major feature of high speed rotating flash dryer is the fast drying rate, which produces a powder from the feed which is viscous or gel-like in nature, a paste or filter cake. In this process, it is necessary to enter the two steps of decomposition feed and dry decomposition. According to the nature of the feed material, the conventional arm design can be used for crystalline non-stick materials, or the specially designed rotary rotary design crusher can Used to treat viscous and gel-like materials.


The material decomposed in the high speed rotating flash dryer is then contacted with a hot drying medium, the particles are dried and pneumatically transported for separation in a cyclone or bag filter. The product clarifying agent ensures the required size and the dried granules can only leave the drying chamber; finally the high solids content makes the rotary flash dryer a very economical drying process.


The simple four-step process allows the high speed rotating flash dryer to dry the material quickly, drying the filter cake, paste and high viscosity liquid. In fact, the choice of equipment is mainly determined according to the state of the material to be dried, and the material form not only determines the drying drying efficiency, drying quality and drying uniformity, but also has a great influence on the feeding and discharging device, so if the process permits, The dried materials should be pretreated as much as possible by crushing, sieving, and cutting.

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