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Pulse Air Stream Drying Equipment Features
Mar 22, 2018

Pulse air dryer is a kind of mass production drying equipment in the process of production. In the process of operation, it mainly adopts the principle of instantaneous drying. When it is used, it mainly uses the rapid movement of hot air loading. The wet material is driven so that the wet material is suspended in the hot air and the entire drying process is strengthened.

The operation of pulsed air dryers improves the rate of heat and mass transfer. After drying, the unbound moisture can be almost completely removed, and the dried material will not be degraded, and the output can be significantly more than that of ordinary dryers. improve.

Pulse Air Stream Drying Equipment Features

1. The drying strength of pulsed air dryer is large, the equipment is very provincial in the process of investment, the equipment in its processing is the largest evaporation water capacity from 50kg/h-2000kg/h and the equipment volume is small, investment province is Other drying equipment is unmatched.

2. The pulse air stream drying equipment has a high degree of automation, and the quality of the product is good. The air drying materials are all in the pipeline for a very short drying time. The complete set of equipment and the heat source are freely selected. The basic type consists of air filter, heater, feeder, drying tube, Fan, cyclone separator. Users can add dusters or other auxiliary equipment as needed.

3. The choice of the heating method of the pulse air dryer The pulse air stream drying equipment has greater applicability. The user can select the steam, electricity and heat transfer oil according to the conditions in the region, and can choose according to the heat-resistant temperature of the material. The drying time is short. , Suitable for heat-sensitive materials, finished products are not in contact with the outside world, no pollution, good quality.

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