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Pulse Air Stream Dryer Can Dry What Material
Mar 06, 2018

Pulse air stream dryer is a high-volume drying equipment, which is based on the principle of instantaneous drying, the use of hot air carrying the rapid movement of wet materials, the wet material suspended in hot air, thus strengthening the entire drying process and improve Heat and mass transfer rate.


After pulse air stream dryer dry material, unbound moisture can be almost completely removed, and the dried material will not produce deterioration, the output can be significantly higher than the average drying dryer, the user can obtain higher economic benefits in the short term.


Pulse air stream dryer equipment to adapt to more materials, in addition to the basic type mentioned materials, there are ABC intermediates, ABS resin, ASC, white carbon black, benzene tea pyrazolone, tea meal, oxalic acid catalyst , Accelerator, catalyst, precipitated charcoal, p-acetylsulfonamide, p-aminosalicylic acid, terephthalic acid, diethylanilinium, titanium dioxide, activated carbon, sodium fluorosilicate, fluorite, silica gel Powder, synthetic resin, calcium phosphate, polypropylene resin, chlortetracycline, sodium disilicate, coffee bean bran tetracycline, ferric oxide, calcium carbonate, zein, iron oxide, gypsum retarder and the like.


It can be found that the above-mentioned materials have some commonality, that is, the proportion of light, difficult to add, flammable, explosive, such materials, ordinary dryer is difficult to reach the level of drying, and even some of the dangers , But pulsed airflow dryer is different.


Based on the original air flow dryer, it improves the feeding mode and solves the "bridging" phenomenon, especially the improved cyclone separator, which solves the problem that the material can not be tumbled and discharged. In addition, the pulse air stream dryer system integration, Control of advanced, over-temperature alarm chain off heat, so as to more effectively solve the problem of burning and explosion caused by over-temperature, to further improve safety.

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