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Pulse Air Flow Dryer Structure and Advantages
Apr 10, 2018

The pulse air flow dryer is crushed due to the impact of its particles and the wall during the operation. The contact area of the gas-solid phase in the equipment is large, so that the pulsed air dryer in the drying process can be strengthened to a certain extent. The heat-sensitive bulk material, which is strong and not afraid of crushing, is particularly suitable.

During the drying process of the pulse air flow dryer, the material will be discharged under the action of the inclined plate and the hot temperament, and the dryer will be discharged with a star discharge valve. The pulse air dryer is effective. The granular wet material is fed into the hot gas stream and flows in parallel with it, so that a granular dry product is obtained, which is continuously decelerated during the movement until it is decelerated due to the resistance.

The drying pipe diameter of the pulse air flow dryer is suddenly reduced, so that the particles will be accelerated, which will cause the particles to move at a constant speed, so that the heat and mass transfer rate can be enhanced to some extent. For opening up feed resources, reducing feeding costs, and reducing environmental pollution have good results, non-bonded water can be almost completely removed, and the dried material will not be degraded, and the output can be significantly improved compared to the drying of general dryers.

The pulse air flow dryer has a dispersing fan, which is especially suitable for airflow drying of heat-sensitive materials. The high-speed swirling fan impeller can cleave the wet or even agglomerated material until it is dispersed. At the same time, it is stirred and mixed during the dispersion process, and then the material flows in parallel with the hot gas flow.

Pulse air dryer is suitable for agglomeration of filter cake during operation, but moisture content of the material not belonging to surface moisture is less than or equal to 40%. If the amount of processing is large or the finished product is required to dry below 15%, two levels can be used. Dry air flow.

Pulsed air dryers reduce the feed moisture by mixing with dry materials. At this point, the total output of the drying equipment drops sharply, which is economically uneconomical. Therefore, the user should first use the mechanical method (centrifugal dehydration or pressure filtration) to reduce the feed moisture as much as possible to ensure the smooth operation of the drying operation.

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