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Production Requirements of Double Conical Revolving Vacuum Dryer
Mar 30, 2018

The double conical revolving vacuum dryer is the most competitive equipment in the entire dryer field. Its equipment is mainly represented in the first tank body in a vacuum state. This will, to a certain degree, mean that while drying the material, it does not need to In the extra pumping out of the water in the air, greatly improve the drying efficiency.

The double conical revolving vacuum dryer will be more uniform during the drying process, so that it can be heated to the jacket through steam or hot water to a certain extent. The heat is brought into contact with the wet material through the inner wall of the tank and the wet material passes through. Evaporation of water vapor after absorbing heat makes the surface of the material more uniform.

During the drying process of the double conical revolving vacuum dryer, the pressure in the cylinder is always lower than the atmospheric pressure during the process of operation. The number of gas molecules is small, the density is low, and the oxygen content is always low, so it is easy to oxidize. Products and some medical supplies are dry and dry.

The double-cone rotary vacuum dryer can, to a certain extent, eliminate the hardening of the surface of the object caused by the normal pressure drying. This is also because, due to the vacuum, the pressure difference between the inside and the surface of the dried material is too large, in the pressure gradient. Under the effect, the moisture will quickly transfer to the surface so that the material surface will not harden.

The temperature gradient inside and outside the material of the double cone rotary vacuum dryer is small. Due to the effect of reverse osmosis, the wet molecules can be moved and collected independently, effectively avoiding the separation phenomenon caused by hot air drying.

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