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Process requirements and drying rates for Air Stream Drying Equipment
Jun 22, 2018

During the operation of the Air Stream Drying Equipment, the hot air will rapidly impact the material after entering the dryer, and will be fully mixed with the material in an instant. This will maximize the contact area between the material fluidization and the air. The moisture is rapidly evaporated, and the gas-solid two phases are separated by dedusting to obtain the product.

Pulse air drying of Air Stream Drying Equipment is based on straight tube air dryers. Effective increase of thicker buffer tubes aims to increase the relative motion of gas-solid two phases and thus increase the drying rate. It can be applied to viscosity when used. Small or non-adhesive filter cakes are generally dried by mechanical dewatering prior to drying. The drying time of the air dryer is generally 1-4 seconds, and the product has left the dryer before the temperature has risen, so it is suitable for drying heat-sensitive materials.

The dry water form of the Air Stream Drying Equipment is mainly surface water. When it is operated, it will have more difficult process requirements for materials containing more internal water, and can be effectively designed according to its process requirements when it is operated. In the blast system, the fan in the drum induced draft fan system can be steplessly changed by the frequency converter, and accurately controlled at the inlet or at the air leakage location of the cyclone separator.

The Air Stream Drying Equipment has good quality and high degree of automation. The air flow is carried out in the pipeline in the dry material. The drying time during operation is very short, so it can be automated, the product does not come into contact with the outside world, and the pollution is small and the quality is good.

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