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Principle and application of horizontal boiling dryer
Feb 13, 2019

The horizontal boiling dryer is mainly composed of an air filter, a bubbling bed host, a cyclone separator, a bag filter, a high-pressure centrifugal fan, and a console during the production process. Due to the different nature of the dry materials, the dust removal equipment can be carried out as needed. The cyclone separator and the bag filter can be selected at the same time. One of them can also be selected. In general, only a cyclone separator is required for materials with a large specific gravity. Materials with a lighter weight need to be equipped with a bag filter and a pneumatic feeding device for selection.

The principle of horizontal boiling dryer
The clean hot air of the horizontal boiling dryer is distributed into the bed through the valve plate, and the wet material entering from the feeder is boiled by hot air, because the hot air is in extensive contact with the material; the process of heat and mass transfer is enhanced; It can be dried in time. It enters from one end of the bed and automatically floats from the other end of the bed after boiling drying for several tens of seconds to several minutes. This equipment is generally operated under negative pressure.

Application of horizontal boiling dryer
Drying of pharmaceuticals, chemical raw materials, food, grain processing, and feed. Such as; raw material medicine, tablet granules, Chinese medicine granules, health food, beverage granules, corn germ, feed, plastic resin, citric acid and other granular materials dry and dehumidified. The applicable material particle size is generally 0.1~6mm, and the optimal particle size is 0.5~3mm.

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