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Pressure Spray Granulation Drying Machine Spray, Granulation, Drying process
Mar 01, 2018

In addition to the pressure spray granulation drying machine feed system, drying system, dust removal system, heating system and electrical system components such as the main part, each of which also includes some other related equipment. For example, there are mixing system in the feed barrels, filters, diaphragm pumps and guns.


Pressure spray granulation dryer during the work, the ball will be good secondary slurry transferred from the ball mill mixer, the filter is the diaphragm pump and send, and then into the heat pipe dryer inside. Slurry from the nozzle into the dryer, began the spray granulation drying process.


The first is the slurry atomization, slurry from the feed system by the diaphragm pump pressure from the nozzle into the dryer when the pressure of energy into kinetic energy, the slurry from the nozzle from the bottom up to form a Layer of high-speed liquid film, liquid film then split into droplets.


Due to the pressure spray granulation drying machine mist and hot air to work in a mixed flow, so the hot air through the top of the hot air distributor into the dryer inside, while the hot air distributor to produce a downward Of the streamline air flow, the droplets from the bottom up into the hot air flow, and eventually shrink to form a dry spherical powder.


The formed spherical particle powder gradually settles in the pressure spray granulation dryer and is separated from hot air. The funnel cavity in the lower part of the tower collects the particulate materials and discharges them from the outlet of the heat pipe. Smaller pellets and dry air together with the upper funnel connected to the exhaust fan into the dust removal system.

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