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Pressure spray dryer insulation effect
Apr 08, 2018

Pressure spray dryer is a kind of production equipment to a certain extent, and it has unique performance characteristics in operation. It can realize drying operation and granulation operation at the same time, and when the pressure spray dryer works, According to the requirements of the unused production process, the size of the pressure on the feed pump, the size of the flow, and the size of the orifice can also be arbitrarily adjusted.

In the process of working with the pressure spray dryer, some diaphragm pumps are selected to help the high pressure input of the feed liquid, and then these feed liquids will be sprayed out by some mist-like droplets, and then at some temperatures. The very hot air goes down in parallel, so that most of the powder will accumulate at the bottom of the tower, and then the waste or tiny powder produced in the production process will be directly discharged by the exhaust fan. .

Parts of the pressure spray dryer that are installed on the equipment and come in contact with the material are mainly made of high-quality stainless steel materials used as raw materials for their production, such as pipelines, separators and towers for pressure spray dryers. Body and so on, but also in the pressure spray dryer tower body and its outer casing is also installed between the insulation layer, these insulation layers are generally filled with glass wool material, so that has a good insulation effect.

The pressure spray dryer's feed solution is effectively pumped through its diaphragm pump, which sprays droplets of mist, which, in operation, will co-currently drop with the hot air. Most of the powder is discharged from the bottom of the tower. The mouth is collected, the exhaust gas and its tiny powder are separated by a cyclone separator, the exhaust gas is discharged by an exhaust fan, and the powder is collected by a powder collection cylinder disposed under a cyclone separator, and a secondary dust removal device may also be equipped at the outlet of the fan.

When the pressure spray dryer is operated, it is the material of the tower body, the separator and the pipeline that are in contact with the material. There is a thermal insulation layer between the inside of the tower body and the outer shell. The filling material is rock wool, and the tower body is provided with an observation door. Mirrors, light sources, and control instruments are controlled and displayed by the appliance control console.

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